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Is Nudist Living Going To Make A Relationship  Stronger Or Riskier To Be In? 
These days its tough to get into a relationship and it can be even tougher to stay in one. If you’re a nudist then this is going to be the case even more so. Nudist living  requires both people to have a level of trust for each other that few people have. It  requires you to be very secure with yourself and who you are. You can’t be the  type of person that’s controlled by jealous emotions. You have to be able to partake  in certain activities and not over focus on the obvious. For some people this is just  too tough to do. Here are some other reasons why this lifestyle is going to make a  relationship tougher to be in. 

 Nudist living requires a level of open-mindedness that you don’t find  in conventional relationships. 

Open-mindedness is all about you being open to experience new things and with 
people you might never interact with otherwise. Its about you not being judgmental. 
When  your able to be open-minded its easier for you to have fun and not be 
guarded. So many of the rich experiences you can have as a nudist are going to 
require this. If your close minded, then others will sense this and might shy away from you after trying to get  you to come around. 

· Nudist living requires both people to make themselves vulnerable to each  other long before sex takes place. 

If you happen to be the type of person that has body issues, then clothing is able to 
hide whatever flaws you feel you might have. With nudist living though this isn’t the 
case.  When you expose yourself for the first time there will be no place to hide. 
This takes  place long before any kind of intimacy. This can be a real relationship 
builder or it can be a killer. 

· Nudist living allows for deep emotional bonds with not just your partner,  but other nudists. 

Deep emotional bonds are all about not being closed off. In order for you to truly feel 
like your accepted for who you are you must be accepting of them as well. Through 
the type of experiences you can have being into this lifestyle you can build such 
bonds. And this  is going to allow for long lasting relationships. 

Just because being a nudist might make a relationship a little more risky to be in 
doesn’t mean you have to be scared of this fact. Every relationship carries some risk. 
The goal  has to be building it up so strong that it can make it through  rough water 
and come out  even stronger than before. In order to start building such relationships 
you need a good  source to use to meet others into the life. A good place would 
be nudistmeetingsite.com.  Here you’ll find plenty of people willing to be open and 
accepting of you. All you have to  do is be willing to reciprocate. 


  1. una linda opcion culquier fin de semana deceo lo disfruten que yo lo aria

  2. I think one has to have a healthy respectful relationship with their own nudity be for they can have one with other people nudity.
    When I look at a lot of nudists web pages,a lot of them have sexual photos on them as if Nudists is a secrete word for I want to be porn star. instead of I like to explore life with my natural body with out being hider by clothes.
    Thing that make nudism un attractive is bad hygiene,bad steward ship of one's health of their bodies,by filthy habit like smoking and checking tobacco products, poor eating habits,excessive drinking of alcoholic,over eating of food,no exercise, these habits damage the body and make it less attractive.
    Immoral conduct by some nudist makes society to labial all nudist as being sexual deviants.
    When some see me nude, i want them to see that I am comfortable in my skin, I don't want to put off a self conciseness,or awkward mood about my natural body . I want people to see that I am not held back by my life style, that I am free to do all life's activities clothes free. Meaning nudity time doesn't mean being lazy and just laying around the house when I am naked. If the environment is friendly, I work ,play,rest naked.

  3. And....... so much in life depends on how you present yourself and then it's too tempting to add THIS and THAT!! As always it comes back to the "normal curve" with most people being/feeling 'safer' in the middle. I LOVED the relaxed mood @ Cap d'Agde. It seemed incredible that I had to travel so far from Sydney to enjoy that. The 'swimnights' in 'secret' locations were a very welcome idea but it seemed like so much trouble to go through.

  4. Lana Noyes , you look delicious and wonderful .

  5. Lana Noyes , you look delicious and wonderful .


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