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Nudist ideas

What is nudist?
The naturist is a nudist. Some people in the world like nudist living, some directly to 
become a nudist, and living naturist. Naked refers to someone who didn't wear any 
clothes to work, relax, play games, swimming, hiking, visit with friends. It make people 
feel comfortable, relaxed, free. Nudists have agreed to this, but it is also pointed out 
that accept the truth can only be done through participation, rather than by reading or
thinking, or discuss with others. This is a real experience.
Why do people become a nudist?
There may be a lot of the answer to this question, some people become a nudist 
since they born, some people like and participate in the naturist community, some 
people is to relax enjoy the freedom of the bondage of without clothes, and some 
people just want to try the feeling of naked, but it will soon become apparent, it is not 
his want to life. If someone is trying to participate in this reason they soon down, and 
leave the naked. We should respect them, respect and polite to others. Rude behavior 
is not tolerated. Nudism is about freedom, enjoy, and his real personality with others. 
Naked can be exciting, even can let a person forget all the unhappy experience, that 
kind of experience is only due to the mental attitude or carry on baggage, participate 
in community can rapidly melting naked those experiences, to make themselves 
beautiful to accept themselves and others.

naked is wrong?
Can't use right and wrong to points! The "wrong" judgment is only subjective judgment 
of the body. Naked is a way of life, said he mistakes because he had been misleading
results. The dominant culture of precepts and attitude are often wrong. Subjects such 
as flat earth and consider only the earth, the earth was the center of the universe, 
people can be an evil witch, so should be tied to the stake or drowned, black 
approximation to a certain extent on the human, is good, so slavery, indian are similar 
to human beings should be destroyed. Recent error of mainstream culture is the 
Vietnam war, it is believed to be correct, necessary, women didn't like the same rights 
as men. Nudist/nudism is also under the "thinking", that is. , see the human body or be
naked is harmful to society, is not acceptable, or obscene or indecent. Have a smug,
arrogant and ignorant think anyway should not accept the New York times or theme. 
Single nudist may not be attractive to everyone, and sports and the operas don't attract
everyone, not because I don't like is judged by mistake, we should all have the right to
choose equal with others and to participate in, should not have any bias.
I hope I can get rid of the wrong ideas to join social nudism?
Our thinking dominated, so we are wrong, not only do not respect for others. We can 
add to our self-image self-confidence, healthy social interaction. This is the most 
commonly referred to as the improved, positively charged individual in their life to 
participate in the nudist lifestyle. Especially in naked child witnessed friends, parents, 
or even study. Children's early development attitude, will follow them in their lives. 
For the better development of their young, healthy attitude rather than trying to change 
after life.Social nudism is a sense of freedom, comfortable and relaxed, cannot 
be achieved in the physical and mental. When people, in general, naked friendly and
interact more easily and quickly. In a club or beach to meet with people from all over the
country and the world has a national and international development of friendship. This is 
an active, control method about our body to get rid of their fear and shame. After a 
nudist though snicker, immature social attitude for our bodies and their parts, and about 
our body as a product of secrecy and issuing of small profitable work presents an 
immature stupid.
Join nudist community on http://www.nudistmeetingsite.com/  and experience our 
naturist life!
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